Asbestos Consultancy Services

4 Stage Clearance

OHEC are an independent analytical laboratory who are UKAS accredited for the purposes of carrying out 4-Stage clearance and airtesting for  reoccupation, following the removal of asbestos.

Asbestos Pipe Insulation

Thourough, methodical,  visual inspections along with a detailed understanding of the practicalties and limits of asbestos removal are the hallmark of OHEC staff. We work with licensed asbestos removal contractors to acheive the postive result to want. A clean area, as free of asbestos as is possible.


Asbestos Removal is a specialised industry, however for the client it would seem to be convenient that the asbestos removal contractor carries out the removal work and also organises the clearance inspection all for one fixed price. It would appear the client can sit back, leave all of the details to their removal contractor and everything will be alright. And sometimes it is....but, this could lead to a possible Conflict of Interest.

Can you be sure the analytical firm employed by a contractor is working in your interest?

Check the appointed analytical firm  is totally impartial and not connected to a larger group of holding companies that might include an asbestos removal contractor or even your asbestos removal contractor.

OHEC is totally independent of any other organization.

We are responsible to you as the client. If we identify a problem, we will help to rectify it or discuss with you the way forward. After all, you need to be aware of any problems that may remain and need managing or rectifying in the future. A Certificate of Reoccupation does not necessarily mean an area is ‘asbestos free’. It is a written declaration that an area is Safe to Re-Occupy and that any asbestos that was supposed to have been removed has been, but any asbestos that could not be removed or was not within the scope of work, is now in a safe, manageable condition.

OHEC staff are both thorough and methodical in carrying out their duties to a high standard, which will ensure that as little as practicable asbestos remains in an area, once a removal job has been completed. Ideally,the area will be returned to use, asbestos free.

Are you happy that the staff carrying out the clearance are qualified to do so?

Holding a P403/P404 qualification is not a guarantee of competancy. A clearance being carried out in a small heater cupboard is very different to the removal of a sprayed coating from a factory ceiling.

OHEC will only appoint staff to carry out a visual inspection at the level of competence equal or greater than the task being undertaken. 

Are you aware that following asbestos removal that a Reassurance air-test can be carried out following the removal of an asbestos enclosure?

It is common for asbestos dust to fall in crevices of the enclosure sheeting that can not be seen to the naked eye. Has the contractor informed you that an airtest can be carried out following the removal?

OHEC can carry out reassurance monitoring on your behalf and discuss with you  the implications of any results, good or bad.

Leak Testing - If an enclosure is being worked upon by asbestos removal contractors, how do you know the enclosure is retaining and keeping dangerous airborne asbestos fibres inside?

OHEC can carry out leak testing on your behalf which will identify any leaks in the enclosure construction, and therefore protect staff and members of the public who may be nearby.

Smoke Testing - Has anybody checked that an asbestos work enclosure is airtight and has no leaks prior to the start of any asbestos work?

Sadly and in our experience, the enclosures erected by some contractors often leak as it is not always easy to attain good seals around pipework or fixtures.

Have you checked that a smoke test has been carried out or witnessed by an independent person.  OHEC can witness smoke tests at your request and rovide a written certificate for your records.

OHEC cover all aspects of asbestos clearance inspections
Independently, Efficiently and Competently