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Company History

OHEC is an accronym that stands for :-


Which, was the original name of the company founded by Allan and Dorothy Conchie in 1986. Allan Conchie was already one of the most experienced occupational hygienists in the UK at that time having previously worked at National Occupational Hygiene Services and Manchester University. Based in Prestwich and for a time, Sale, O.H.E.C. Ltd. provided a high quality analytical and consultancy service to various organizations and, along with Allan, employed staff who have since made substantial contributions to the field of occupational hygiene.

The current directors of the company, Rob Bourner, Tony Broadley, Graeme Conchie and Jonathan Grifo all worked for Allan up until his retirement. Following a buyout by the directors in 2007, the company was renamed OHEC (uk) Ltd. and we have been growing and developing ever since.

OHEC has, over the years, gained a reputation for reliability, competance and honesty with our clients and we plan to continue with a philosophy of providing accurate, relevant and meaningful information or scientific advice, in a way that anyone can understand.