Occupational Hygiene Services

COSHH Assessments

OHEC (uk) Ltd. can provide advice and monitoring to check compliance with COSHH Regulations,, Local Authority Requirements, etc.

This may involve one or more of the following services:

COSHH Picture
  • Assessing the risk via collection and collation of relevant information such as safety datasheets, work task schedules, workplace exposure limits, etc.
  • Advice on LEV system requirements.
  • Checks on LEV systems to assist in the assessment of the control of exposures (see LEV testing section of this website).
  • Consultation on suitable personal protective equipment.
  • Testing of the quality of compressed air supplied to airline breathing apparatus (see airline testing section of this website).
  • Monitor exposure levels by personal, background and emission monitoring (see exposure monitoring section of this website).
  • Recording assessments and advising on the content and format of assessment reports.
  • Periodic reassessments and training of employees to carryout assessments.