Asbestos Consultancy Services


OHEC provides analytical services, surveys and can take an independent supervisory role during asbestos removal projects.

But, we can also give you bespoke advice based upon the particular issues you have with asbestos.

Examples of our asbestos consultancy services follow below:-

Explaining the  potential ramifications of Notifiable Non-Licensed Work to iresponsible individuals within and organisation.

Assisting with the creation and maintenance of an asbestos management plan, or devising specifications for abatement work to be put to tender, OHEC provides meaningful advice and informatiion.

Interpreting and evaluating previous survey reports carried out by other companiess. Re-creating their reports in a format that is easier for a layman to understand.

Enabling the dissemination of information to members of staff or contractors. This is important in larger organizations that might already have substantial information pertaining to asbestos, but have not been able to get the information to the frontline staff who need it, or have difficulty in explaining their asbestos safety procedures with clarity.

Whatever advice is required, OHEC can help.