Asbestos Consultancy Services

Bulk Sample Analysis

OHEC has the facility to analyse samples of bulk material in order to ascertain whether or not they contain asbestos and identify what type of asbestos is present, where asbestos is detected.

Bulk Sample Image

An Authorised Assessor examines each sample visually and under low-power magnification, in order to make a visual assessment of the sample and to inspect the different types of fibres seen in the sample as a whole. The samples are then evaluated for the six types of asbestos fibres detailed below, using an in-house method based upon HSG248 'Asbestos : The Analysts Guide for Sampling, Analysis and Clearance Procedures', published by the HSE.

CHRYSOTILE ASBESTOS commonly known as White Asbestos
AMOSITE ASBESTOS commonly known as Brown Asbestos
CROCIDOLITE ASBESTOS commonly known as Blue Asbestos

Three other types of fibrous, asbestos minerals are sometimes found in bulk samples, these are ANTHOPHYLLITE, TREMOLITE and ACTINOLITE.


** Identifications of non-asbestos fibres are 'Not UKAS Accredited'
Many samples contain other types of fibres that are not asbestos, these include :-

ORGANIC FIBRES could be of animal or vegetable origin, e.g. hair, wool, straw, wood, paper, etc.
MACHINE-MADE MINERA FIBRES (MMMF) this group includes fibre-glass, mineral wool, etc

The cost of sample analysis varies depending upon the speed of turnaround required by the client.

Sample analysis result turnaround rates vary from 10 working days to turnaround the same day where the speed of result is critical. Prices are available upon request.