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Asbestos Surveys

In January 2010 the HSE Published the HSG264 Asbestos : The Survey Guide.

(Recently revised in April 2012.)

A comprehensive survey is the only realistic way to obtain the information required to effectively manage asbestos in any premises and to comply with regulatiion 4 CAR 2012.

The HSE stipulates that there are two types of survey that should be conducted:-

A Management Asbestos Survey or Refurbishment and Demolition Asbestos Survey

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Are you the asbestos dutyholder for a business or organization?
Do you need a comprehensive, yet easy to understand survey?

OHEC will provide you with a survey report that is
specific to your exact requirements.

Using plain English narrative.

Not just tables and lists full of incomprehensible data. (Although you can have that aswell if you want!) - Comprehensible data presented in a simple, easy to understand and navigable manner too!

Using photos of asbestos materials that are in context to their surroundings.

Not just close ups that could have been taken anywhere. - So you can't tell where the asbestos is!

Using drawings marked up with the actual locations of asbestos.

Not just the location of bulk samples. (Pointless information that doesn't really tell you anything about your premises.)

Are you fed up of ' NO ACCESS - PRESUME ASBESTOS'?

OHEC staff make the effort to inspect all areas of your premises, even if it takes extra time or special arrangements.

Are you a home owner who is unsure of asbestos in your property?
Are you looking to buy a new property?

OHEC can arrange for an asbestos survey of the property
so in the future there are no hidden surprises.

If you need information for a mortgage valuation or you are going to be buying your council house an asbestos survey can help push things along.