Asbestos Consultancy Services

Asbestos Air Testing

OHEC are UKAS accredited for both air sampling and fibre counting using Phase Contrast Microscopy.


Did you know that the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 recommend that the client appoints their own Independent Analyst to carry out air monitoring and inspection activities?

Don't leave it to the licensed asbestos removal contractor to choose.

OHEC can provide on-site asbestos-in-air monitoring and analysis to enable you to determine if significant concentrations of airborne asbestos fibres are present. We can also provide you with advice to help you manage or abate the situation, if asbestos is detected.

Our mobile laboratory facilities can also be requested, this will enable us to carry out any asbestos-in-air analysis without causing any disruption to you and provide a fast and efficient feedback to your concerns.